Golden Ground not only supplies and installs synthetic turf but offers a full maintenance service. This includes advice on how to look after your surface on a daily and weekly basis and the type and regularity of specialist maintenance.


People buy artificial grass because it is almost maintenance free. Leaves, weeds, dirt, animal urine, flooding, UV discolouring, grass disfiguration and suchlike can often give rise to concern but all of these matters can be resolved quickly and easily. Artificial grass maintenance is similar to having a real lawn but no more mowing and no more seeding the mud patches!

If leaves get on the synthetic lawn surface, you can brush them or use a leaf blower / sucker. Contact your local garden centre to acquire the necessary equipment. Weeds should never appear on your artificial grass lawn because the membrane applied beneath the synthetic surface will prevent undesirable plant life from growing.

When the artificial grass becomes dirty, some clients hose the turf down but you can simply leave the rain to clean it naturally. For sports use, the astro turf should be hosed down regularly to avoid sanitary problems arising from the microbes deposited by human sweat, skin and especially blood.


Animal urine should be viewed and treated in a similar fashion. For the cleanest possible environment, water can be used to keep your artificial grass hygienic. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that all astro turf surfaces are porous, so the urine will be absorbed by the soil underneath. This attribute also allays all fears of flooding because water will disperse just like on a real lawn. Similarly however, the landscaping needs to be to a reasonable standard for proper drainage.


The artificial grass may appear disfigured if the pile becomes flat. In this case you can brush it upright or infill with kiln-dried sand to solve the problem. Disfigurement tends to be of concern for high traffic areas and long pile height astro turf can be used to prevent any such occurrences.


Discoloration does not apply to modern high quality synthetic turf. The grass is UV stable and has been tested in the majority of climates. For information on available colours you may wish to visit our parent website. The implementation of an artificial grass lawn can be your hassle free way to a perfect garden.